Thursday, 5 September 2013

How To Make A Facebook App?

The social marketing expansion has opened up new opportunities for developers. The simple personal or business sites for the Facebook allow you to adapt to internal platform to publish your own programs portions Facebook community interface.

Facebook Quiz Applications and additional discount!

Facebook Application Development Step by Step

Facebook groups and fan pages for the possibilities of Facebook apps let you customize the look of our corporate community site.

What is the Facebook app?

Even if you do not clean you exactly the concept, but the social networking site Facebook's own profile, you can now safely use a Facebook application.

The Facebook applications include virtually the functions which you can access on Facebook in such applications as the default. a photo gallery, events, notes.

These are Facebook applications that are. Part of the portal, in addition, however, anyone can create their own applications, you can access any Facebook user.

Facebook application requirements planning (development)

Facbook registration (if not already  in  place)Installing Facebook application developers  My hosts PHP script to run

Facebook Application Development BACKGROUND

Basically, after some walking and basic programming skills quickly the secrets of Facebook application development

Facebook Application For Beginners

When you say you've created a PHP based web applications, you'll quickly see this is over. It is important to use some of Facebook's own platform.

By this we must understand that the need to say other Ajax calls are made ​​and generate the HTML output of your program. The Facebook application can be an important factor in development, whether you want to use the information in the application, user or not using the Facebook .

The custom facebook application development provides an opportunity to built, interior applications, such as for example post-tuning the message boards, sharing, etc.. If such concepts are important factor

Facebook Application Development FBML (Facebook Markup Language)

The FBML Facebook application allows you to use the internal functions used for development. Examples include the display of a parametrized Share button and the user profile information.

The FBJS a java script platform can be defined, which can be interpreted as Facebook, so it is important to Facebook application development tool.

Facebook Application Development FQL (Facebook Query Language)

The FQL virtually implements database background. Database interface implements in the figure are undone and the Facebook database.

Create a Facebook Application

After Facebook Account to join the developers group, create your own application with Facebook. You'll get an API key is that you must use the application authentication. Then write your application, say, php based, and you can publish it on Facebook.

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