Monday, 19 August 2013

Favorite Mobile Applications

Developing applications for iPhone and iPad Analyzing your needs and ideas

We will prepare draft application solutions

We will create complete design applications

You program a final application place your application on the App Store

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. More and more

People are using the iPhone and iPad. They play with them, children and adults.

All your favorite applications have in your pocket.

Apple recently celebrated 25 billion downloads of application's a huge market full of new opportunities.

Application as an effective marketing tool

Who today does not have a website as it was? Websites are showcasing your business. With the mobile application, but you can come More closer to its customers. Your storefront can hold in your hand.

 And if your application contains humorous and entertaining content for users to interact with your company tinged with positive emotions and that's the key to become your customer can distinguish with and will remember you.

IT Challenges

Identity management & network access mobile IAM helps solve IT challenges that organizations require today's demands on user mobility, and to provide end-to-end visibility and control of individual devices, users and applications and in mixed.

Questions about identity management & network access control for mobile devices?

Support facilities owned by employees, the employer may bring substantial savings (e.g., cost of ownership and management of these devices), but requires a guarantee of the user experience and forcing employers to think not only about the process, but also the safety aspects.

The employer must address not only issues of Mobile Device Management to prevent leakage of corporate data from these devices, but also protect their networks against potential threats from these devices

The basic idea of partner solutions Entreaty Mobile IAM (Identity and Access Management) is to provide a comprehensive BYOD solution that provides complete security, full IT control and predictable network behavior and applications for all users.

The Main Advantages

Profiling access facilities at multiple levels - up to 50 attributes including e.g. automatic detection of the operating system, the physical device type, MAC addresses, locations, etc Article Source By Iphone Application Development
Integration with MDM (Mobile Iron, Sybase and others) , as well as Void (Anaya, Siemens, etc.), energy efficient systems.

Touch App

Training materials and textbooks for employees and customers are copied on paper. missing a quick and cost effective method of preparation of electronic business documents for mobile devices print documents and their distribution entail unnecessary costs.

Solution: Touch Podia

Traders can customers and partners to present directly from the mobile device services and products with a complete description and always current prices.

Service personnel are in the field for the job at hand always catalogs with current data staff is always up to date material for courses and corporate training.


Distribution of materials for mobile workers is the company quickly and most efficiently.
Where and how to use the solution?

Touch Media is universal and highly flexible tool that caters to users from different areas. Finds application wherever it is used for work data, documents and papers that need to be classified according to how they are used.

The solution thus helps such as banking, insurance, pharmacology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transport, tourism, wholesaling, retailing ... but also in other areas.

As a solution to use?


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